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Lloyd's Patriotic Fund

Uniting the Lloyd’s insurance market for the last two hundred years to support veterans and their families today.

Who we are

Founded in 1803, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund is the oldest military charity of its kind, supporting the armed forces community on behalf of the Lloyd’s market. We focus on improving the transition to civilian life for veterans and their families who need the most help.

Today, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund unites support from the market to aid the successful transition to civilian life for veterans and their families to ensure successful futures. Watch our video to find out more.

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund partners with military charities who are best placed to meet the mental health and employment needs of the military community.  In addition, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund has an annual grant giving programme to award small grants of £10,000 to support charities that enable veterans and their families to build successful civilian lives and careers.

"The Lloyd's Patriotic Fund's has a well-established and long legacy of supporting Armed Forces charities with the vital work they do in helping the military community to re-integrate into civilian life after serving, particularly those who have suffered mental and physical health challenges. It is a privilege to be part of this important charity and am delighted by the support it continues to provide."
Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Lloyd’s Chairman

Small grant applications - now open

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund is now accepting grant applications. We are inviting charities that directly support the military community, specifically in the areas of employability and mental health to apply for a grant of up to £15,000 and the possibility of a longer-term partnership.

Please download the application form which includes eligibility criteria, and send it to by 26 June 2022 23:59.

What we do

Each year, 17,000 personnel leave the UK Armed Forces and return to civilian life and their families. For the majority, the transition is successful, a high proportion of veterans find this more difficult, putting them in a vulnerable position.

Since 2010, LPF has donated more than £4 million to support serving and ex-service personnel and their families. 

We are proud to have partnerships with Combat Stress, the veteran's mental health charity, and RFEA, The Forces Employment Charity from 2020 – 2023 to help us meet our aims.  In addition, in 2021, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund has also awarded grants to Building Heroes Education Foundation, Felix Fund, The Ripple Pond, High Ground and Supporting Wounded Veterans in 2021, funding projects in line with our charitable aims.

You can find out more about our partnerships below.

Combat Stress

LPF has funded training and equipment for Combat Stress’ new national pilot, sensory modulation.This is the practice that helps individuals understand their senses and coping strategies to ground and calm them. This is being delivered by occupational therapists to 1,300+ veterans who suffer from mental health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression. All the Combat Stress occupational therapists have been trained in the practice.

The evidence shows that this approach works helping to strengthen family relationships, increase participation in trauma therapy, and increase job satisfaction. Now building on this initial project, LPF will work with Combat Stress over the next three years to fund research to develop the evidence for the use of sensory modulation for veterans experiencing trauma as well as building resilience in veterans with mental health conditions. The aim of the research is to showcase this new approach and how it can improve veterans’ lives and careers if used more widely.

RFEA The Forces Employment Charity

LPF funded the pilot of a new Families Employment Advisor with RFEA, the Forces Employment charity. The project supports spouses and families of serving Armed Forces and ex service personnel into employment. The pilot focused on families in need where the veteran was struggling to find or sustain work. In the first year, 77 spouses or partners were supported with career diagnostics, casework, and access to vocational training and to suitable jobs. The aim is to increase confidence, stability, wellbeing, employability and ultimately lead to employment, education or training. We are delighted that this role has been funded going forward, and so LPF have committed to funding two more roles for the next three years in two new locations, to expand and meet the growing demand.

Jane’s story

Jane lives in Glasgow and had been a stay-at-home parent for three and a half years and had housing issues. Jane registered for support but then waited three months to engage with the adviser as she was juggling her children and their health. Jane was supported to develop her CV identifying her skills and how to match them to job descriptions to successfully apply for jobs and with knowledge on how and where to job search. Jane successfully secured a job with her local Council and is doing well. 

“With my experience of using RFEA I found that the personalised approach the most helpful - with an advisor looking at me as an individual rather than generic information which most of helping “spouse into employment” seems to be”.

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