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Types of risks Lloyd's covers

Surplus lines

Lloyd's of London is a surplus lines insurer in all US states and territories.

What is surplus lines insurance?

Surplus lines business is coverage that is not available from the licensed market. This means that, unless specifically exempted by a state's laws, the risk must be declined by at least 3 licensed or admitted insurers in the local market before it can be placed as surplus lines business at Lloyd’s.

Who to contact for surplus lines insurance

In the first instance, you should contact your local insurance broker. They will contact a surplus lines broker on your behalf.

A list of surplus lines brokers can be found on the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices (NAPSLO) website. This is a national trade association representing the surplus lines industry and the wholesale insurance marketing system.


Lloyd's is an accredited reinsurer in all US states and plays an important role in providing reinsurance coverage for US clients.

What is reinsurance?

When you look at the risks that insurers take on, it is not surprising that they also might want to have insurance. When insurers insure a risk again, it is called reinsurance. A third of all business carried out at Lloyd’s is reinsurance.

Who to contact for reinsurance

A reinsurance intermediary takes the risk to a Lloyd's syndicate that is able to underwrite reinsurance business for US cedents (those syndicates that are included on the appropriate National Association of Insurance Commisioner listing).

Exempt business

US states and territories may exempt certain risks from their insurance laws and Lloyd’s often is able to provide insurance in these cases.

These exemptions do not exist in all states and where they do, rules may vary from state to state. Typically there may be an exempt class of business (such as marine, aviation, transportation) or coverage procured by a large, sophisticated buyer of insurance (for instance, a large, commercial insured).

Guidance about how to place this type of business should be sought from an appropriately licensed local broker.


Lloyd’s is a licensed (or admitted) insurer in Illinois, Kentucky, and the US Virgin Islands.

This means that Lloyd’s can write the same business in these jurisdictions as other licensed US insurers.