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Canada Chronicle: Futureset

As parts of the world emerge from the grip of Covid-19, and many countries remain challenged along the path to healthier times, the need to anticipate and mitigate the risks of tomorrow has never been greater. The interconnectivity of the world’s economies increases the difficulty of quantifying the impact of those threats, making resilience to systemic risks an essential goal for individuals and governments everywhere.

Launched by Lloyd’s earlier this year, Futureset is our new global platform and community dedicated to driving greater economic and societal resilience to the world’s most challenging risks. It provides a forum for creating and sharing risk insights, expertise and innovative approaches that increase understanding and deliver solutions, helping our communities face tomorrow’s challenges with confidence, today. 

Throughout 2021, Futureset will explore the landscape of systemic risks, including lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and an examination of the growing threats posed by climate change. We’ve convened global experts and partnered with world class research organizations to create new and pioneering insights that will drive sustainable solutions to current and future threats around the world.

We encourage everyone with a stake in the conversation to join the Futureset community at Here you’ll be able to watch our Systemic Risk Masterclass series and hear from industry leaders, build your understanding, and obtain advice on strengthening your preparedness for systemic risk. You’ll also be able to access our 'Get the Expert’s Take' a video series, hosted by The Economist’s Anne McElvoy who speaks with well-known thought leaders on the variety of challenges facing national and global infrastructure. Finally, you can see Lloyd’s latest research and insights on emerging and systemic risks via our Intelligence and Insight report, which provide a future-focused view on today’s most important topics.

I look forward to providing updates on the progress of Futureset in upcoming issues of The Canada Chronicle and welcome your feedback on this and other Lloyd’s initiatives that impact you and your clients in the meantime.