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    Canopius is a global speciality (re)insurer with underwriting operations in Bermuda, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and US, as well as on the Lloyd’s China platform. We are privately owned and are proud to offer an independent view of risk – our expert people ask the difficult questions so that our clients get exactly the solutions they need.

    Underwriting platforms:
    Syndicate 4444, managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited, the ninth-largest managing agent
    US: surplus lines insurance company, Canopius US Insurance, Inc.

    Financial strength ratings
    Syndicate 4444 shares the Lloyd’s ratings of A+ (strong), Standard & Poor’s; AA– (Very Strong), Fitch; A (Excellent), A.M. Best
    Canopius US Insurance, Inc.: A– (Excellent), A.M. Best

    Our Singapore team writes a broad portfolio of (re)insurance business across the Asia region on behalf of syndicate 4444.

  • Our Singapore team writes a broad portfolio of (re)insurance business across the Asia region on behalf of Syndicate 4444. Our portfolio includes: 

    • Property treaty reinsurance (Risk XL, Catastrophe XL and Pro-rata) 
    • Agriculture 
    • Offshore Energy and Offshore Construction 
    • Personal Accident 
    • Casualty (direct, facultative and treaty reinsurance) 
    • Marine (direct, facultative and treaty reinsurance)
    • Terrorism and Political Violence (direct, facultative reinsurance and via the Xin Consortium)
    • Political Risk and Trade Credit
    • Engineering (direct and facultative reinsurance)
  • Canopius Asia
    138 Market Street
    Singapore 048946
    +65 6593 0150


    Linus Phoon ANZIIF (Fellow) CIP
    Chief Executive Officer - Sompo Canopius Asia
    Telephone +65 6593 0154
    Email linus.phoon@canopius.com 

    Quek Keng Seng
    Head of Cargo
    Telephone +65 6593 0159
    Email kengseng.quek@canopius.com

    Richard Goh
    Head of Marine Treaty
    Telephone +65 6593 0157
    Email richard.goh@canopius.com

    Martin Lee
    Head of Property Treaty
    Telephone +65 6593 0155
    Email martin.lee@canopius.com

    Ester Agabus
    Head of Casualty Treaty 
    Telephone +65 6593 0151
    Email ester.agabus@canopius.com

    David Gregori
    Head of Agriculture
    Telephone +65 6593 0244
    Email david.gregori@canopius.com

    Lim Yu Lun
    Manager, Treaty 
    Telephone +65 6593 0158
    Email yulun.lim@canopius.com

    Ingrid Ang
    Underwriter, Marine
    Telephone + 65 6593 0241
    Email ingrid.ang@canopius.com

    Ng Wah Chuang
    Head of Engineering
    Telephone +65 6593 0249
    Email wahchuang.ng@canopius.com

    Au Kian Lee
    Assistant Underwriter, Engineering
    Telephone +65 6593 8578
    Email kianlee.au@sompocanopius.com

    James Townsley
    Energy Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6593 8570
    Email james.townsley@canopius.com

    Finance/Technical Accounts

    Lee Sian Joo
    Telephone +65 6593 0156
    Email sianjoo.lee@canopius.com



Placing a risk with Lloyd's in Singapore

Lloyd's Asia Service Companies are able to trade with any broker and there is no requirement to use a Lloyd's broker.

If you are a broker and wish to place business with Lloyd's Asia Service Companies please view the class of business schedule.

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Asia Square - Lloyd's Singapore building

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