Lloyd’s is a major provider of niche and specialist risks in South Africa.

Lloyd's classes of business

The South African market is the largest source of revenue for Lloyd's on the African continent.

Lloyd’s business in South Africa by location of policyholder/country of origin -

Gross signed premium by Lloyd’s 10 classes of business:

Property, Casualty and Marine accounts to 74% of the total Lloyd’s business in South Africa.

Key growing classes are Property D&F, Casualty other, Casualty FinPro

Source: Lloyd’s market intelligence based on Xchanging & LDR


Local market:

2017 Gross written premium: USD 9,343 m (Latest actual year)

Key growing classes are Property, Motor and Liability in the local market accounting to 84% of the total market.



 Source: GlobalData based on Local regulators annual statistics.