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Lloyd’s roadmap
for climate action

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Insuring a sustainable, greener future

Climate change is the largest, most challenging crisis the world has faced. It is a systemic risk which affects financial stability, broader economic resilience, human prosperity and creates uncertainty for the future of our planet.To support the global transition to a low-carbon economy, Lloyd’s Futureset is exploring the risks, challenges and importance of decarbonisation across industry, transport and energy.

Our roadmap

Insurance not only protects businesses against the evolving impacts of climate change, but it also provides the vital protection needed to enable cross-industry climate innovation. Lloyd’s and the global insurance industry must act on the urgent and once-in-a-generation opportunity to support and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable, greener future.Outlined in our roadmap, you will find the commitments Lloyd’s and the Sustainable Markets Initiative Insurance Task Force have identified to empower brave decision making by businesses and their insurers.

Decarbonisation by sector

Each sector identified below - industry, transport and energy – play a critical role, individual and combined in the world’s united journey to rapidly decarbonise and protect the future of the planet.We outline the global pathway that must be taken to towards a lower carbon footprint and explore the challenges on that journey that require solutions and support.

Case studies

Together for a green transition

In the critical fight against climate change, brave innovators, experts and leaders are making difficult decision and stepping forward in the face of adversity to accelerate the green transition.

Lloyd’s Futureset sat down with businesses from the industry, transport and energy sectors to discuss their progress and celebrate achievements.

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Lloyd's climate roadmap overview
Greener industry

Greener Finance

Greener Construction

Greener transport

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Jet Zero and Greener Maritime

Greener energy

Offshore Wind