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Accessing Lloyd's systems

Lloyd's applications and tools

Please locate the application you need access to and follow the corresponding instructions.

Note: Lloyd’s applications registrations fall under different platforms, ‘Identity’, 'LAF' (Lloyd's Access Framework), LIMOSS and Independent.

LAF (Lloyd's Access Framework)

1. Register for a LAF account to access the below applications

2. Activate your new account via the link emailed to you

3. Log in and request access to any of the below applications

LAF applications

Agency Noticeboard
Delegated Audit Manager (DAM)
Direct reporting (LDR)
Investment Guideline Review
Italian Web Tender
LOF Awards
Market Intelligence 
Members Access to FAL/ Investcloud
Member Modelling Software 
Risk Locator Tool
Stamp Decision Tool
STFO Audit Report (SC)
Treasury (SC)


Request access to Lloyd's applications. Please ensure you select the ‘request access to Lloyd’s applications' link at the bottom of the page to get started.

Identity applications

Core Market Returns (CMR)
CMR Offline Validator
Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM)
Insights Hub
Learning for Market and Providers
Market Support Centre Portal
Overseas Reporting System (ORS)


To register, please visit the LIMOSS registration page. (Please only visit this site if you believe your organisation has registered for LIMOSS single sign-on to use the below applications)

LIMOSS applications

Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM)
Delegated Data Manager (DDM)
Insights Hub
Market Glossary
Market Support Centre Portal


Find answers to our most frequently asked questions. For information about a specific application, follow the links above or our search. 


Please raise a ticket with our User Support team if you require further assistance.