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How to place business in Namibia

Open Market Correspondents (OMC)

An OMC is an insurance intermediary who introduces business to a Lloyd's broker for placement in the Lloyd's market on an open market basis.

Process for registering/approving a new OMC

  1. Obtain the sponsorship of the Lloyd's broker
  2. Download the application form and Undertaking
  3. Sponsoring Lloyd's broker and applicant to complete the application form, sign and return to the General Representative.
  4. Where necessary a General Representative may require further details and will contact the applicant (OMC) and/or the Lloyd's broker directly.
  5. Lloyd's General Representative will notify the sponsoring Lloyd's broker and OMC once an application has been successful

Becoming a Coverholder

All firms wishing to become an approved coverholder must complete the application process.

Each applicant requires a sponsoring Lloyd's broker and managing agent, who perform their own due diligence of the application before it is submitted to Lloyd's coverholder department for review.

In reviewing an application Lloyd's will pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Suitability and experience of individuals 
  • Applicants financials 
  • Authority to operate in specified territories

Coverholder directory

Access the directory of Coverholders.

This directory includes information on all approved and restricted coverholder directory.

See for more details.