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Our story in Ireland

Supporting Irelands insurance industry for 10 years.

Lloyd’s underwriters are authorised to write all class of insurance business in Ireland except permanent health insurance. Lloyd’s underwriters are also permitted to write all class of reinsurance business in Ireland.

Lloyd’s Underwriters have a long established history of writing insurance business in Ireland. Prior to the establishment of the permanent Lloyd’s office, Lloyd’s outsourced the legal representative role to a Dublin law firm, known as W.G. Bradley. In light of the significance of the Irish market to Lloyd’s, a Country Manager, Eamonn P. Egan was appointed in August 2008 to actively promote the Lloyd’s brand in addition to the existing responsibilities of the legal representation of Lloyd’s.

The primary role of Lloyd’s Ireland is to maintain the regulatory platform for Lloyd’s Underwriters under the EU establishment regime and to perform a variety of ancillary legal and regulatory functions. In addition, we serve as a port of call for enquiries from the Irish and London markets relating to Lloyd’s and provide a variety of support services to the Lloyd’s Market, including dealing with complaints. Lloyd’s Ireland does not process premiums or claims nor is it involved in settlement activity.

A key role of Lloyd’s Ireland is to proactively promote the Lloyd’s brand to the local and London market and, support Lloyd’s managing agents in developing their business development objectives in Ireland. We organise high profile networking events and engage in various promotional/sponsorship activities in order to facilitate the development of new and existing relationships amongst our market stakeholders.

The depth of expertise and breadth of products sets the Lloyd’s market apart. Customers have access to the combined scale, expertise and capacity of an entire market, not just a single insurance company.

As our world is reshaped by economic, environmental, geopolitical and technological shifts, the breadth, depth and responsiveness of the Lloyd’s market gives Irish businesses the confidence to move forward in the face of uncertainty.

Our work in the community

Lloyd’s is committed to improving lives and building resilience in the local community. Through the Lloyd’s Together program we support local communities with projects that focus on education and employability, environment and sustainability, social welfare and health and disaster preparedness and relief.

The Lloyd’s market champions diversity and is leading the field in encouraging open, inclusive cultures across our industry.