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Lloyd's Europe FAQs

View our FAQs below.

Find out more about who we are: Lloyd's Europe.

Despite the similarity of names, these companies have nothing to do with Lloyd’s.

These can be found following the links: Financial Reports and the National Bank of Belgium report.

Lloyd’s Insurance Company delegates the underwriting activities to it’s intermediaries. If you're interested in obtaining insurance at Lloyd's Insurance Company, you should contact the Country Manager of the risk you wish to submit or you can directly search on our Market Directory where all the intermediaries, brokers and coverholders, are listed. 

Lloyd’s Insurance Company does not directly handle policies. You will find the contact of your insurance agent or broker or the party named on the Declarations page of the policy as being responsible for handling your policy. Follow this link to further understand the LIC claims process.

If you are the beneficiary of a credit card that covers travel insurance, (Advanzia, Mastercard, etc) you can find the intermediary’s contact details, email and telephone number,  in the document you received when you purchased the coverage.

Find out how to file a complaint here: Complaints.

Find all the information for coverholders, service companies and those that work with delegated authority business: Delegated Authority.

Find out all the managing agents, EEA authorised brokers and UK authorised brokers who have signed up.

You are welcome to address any enquiry regarding European risks to: or call to +32 (0)2 227 39 48.