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Lloyd's Agency Network

Wherever you are in the world, you’re never far from a Lloyd’s Agent. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, they’re on hand to provide expert survey, claims and recovery handling services to the marine insurance industry and its customers.

Fri 12 Jun 2015|

It’s been more than 200 years since the first Lloyd’s Agents were appointed. Today there are almost 300 Agents within the network, who are in-turn supported by a similar number of Sub-Agents. Located in 175 countries, these experts are available to provide surveying support in every major port and commercial centre across the globe.

Highly experienced and independent, Lloyd’s Agents offer a vital combination of local knowledge and specialist expertise. Collectively the network brings together a combined strength of over 2,000 in-house surveyors, undertaking in excess of 100,000 marine surveys per annum, for the Lloyd’s market and for insurers and customers around the world.

Whilst the servicing of pre and post-loss marine cargo, hull and transportation surveys is the bedrock of the network, many Agents are experts in other business areas as well. Whether you require a loading or discharge survey, a loss investigation, a risk or warehouse survey, a hull damage assessment or expert guidance for your Project Cargo, the Lloyd’s Agency network is on-hand to identify and provide a solution.

Lloyd’s Agents are renowned for their honesty, integrity and good practice and, perhaps most importantly, they all have the backing of Lloyd’s, the world’s leading specialist insurance market. A Lloyd’s Agency appointment is a privilege afforded only to the most highly qualified marine surveyors and claims adjusters.

Both the Agents and clients of the network have access to a team of dedicated and experienced personnel, based in the Lloyd’s Agency Department in London, who are responsible for administering and managing the network as well as providing operational and technical support.

All Lloyd’s Agents are expected to adhere to service standards that meet or surpass the ever increasing demands of the network’s users. In order to ensure these high standards are maintained, the team coordinates regular on-site inspections and audits of Agents’ operations.

In addition, the Lloyd’s Agency network is the only network that has a mandatory educational training and examination programme. The training modules focus on the core activities of the Agents, covering professional standards and values, technical cargo surveying, and practical claims and recovery handling.

Identifying your nearest and most suitable Lloyd’s Agent is simple. The specific skills and level of expertise available within each Agency appointment is catalogued in our online Lloyd’s Agency Directory and its user-friendly interactive map.

Highly experienced. Proactively engaged with continuous training. Supported by a team in London. And located near you. The Lloyd’s Agency Network. Serving you and your clients, wherever and whenever you need us.