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R&Q Managing Agency Ltd

Managing Agent Name: R&Q Managing Agency Limited

Subject:  De-emption of syndicate capacity for 2016 year of account

Syndicate Affected: DTW 1991

The proposed final Syndicate Business Forecast for 2016 has been adjusted to take into account a revised view of market prospects since the submission of the provisional plan.

This revision includes a de-emption of the syndicate capacity to £130m.

The action in reviewing the portfolio is reflective of the discipline being maintained by DTW1991 in the face of aggressive competition, particularly in the US market.

The 2015 SBF has similarly been re-forecast and re-submitted.

Date issued: 18/09/2015

Contact Information

Agency contact name: PM Sloan

Agency contact no: + 44 (0)207 780 5998

For auction office use only: D2015005

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