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Managing Agency Partners Limited

Managing Agent Name: Managing Agency Partners Limited

Subject: Staff Pre-Emption

Connected Person – MAP Capital Limited

Syndicate Affected: 2791

Staff Pre-Emption

Managing Agency Partners Limited has notified, and received the requisite level of consent from, Members’ Agents and Direct corporate participants regarding its intention to allocate £100,000 of additional capacity to staff for 2020 by means of a staff pre-emption in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Syndicate Pre-Emption Byelaw.

Connected Person

MAP Capital Limited is a corporate member through which certain third parties, and some staff of Managing Agency Partners Limited, participate on S2791. MAP Capital Limited also controls capacity to underwrite on S2791 for the benefit of all shareholders; such capacity is referred to as ‘own account underwriting’.

MAP Capital Limited is not directly owned or controlled by Managing Agency Partners Limited however there are directors and owners in common and so MAP Capital Limited is considered a ‘connected person’ within the context of the Lloyd’s capacity auction framework.

From time to time, MAP Capital Limited may participate in Lloyd’s capacity auctions as a tenderer or subscriber of capacity in respect of S2791 in accordance with the instructions of its third-party shareholders. All such auction transactions are carried out by MAP Capital Limited on an ‘execute only’ basis.

Should MAP Capital Limited receive instructions to tender or subscribe capacity in respect of a shareholder who is a member of staff of Managing Agency Partners Limited, we would consider applicable auction guidelines at that time and, if appropriate, make a specific auction disclosure.

Date issued: 22 October 2019

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Paul Langridge

Agency contact no: + 44 (0)20 7709 3860

For auction office use only: D2019007

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