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Cathedral Underwriting Limited

Managing Agent Name: Cathedral Underwriting Ltd

Subject: Governance changes

Syndicate(s) Affected: 2010 & 3010

Since 31st March 2016 there have been some material changes to the Cathedral Underwriting Limited (managing agent of Syndicate 2010 and aligned Syndicate 3010) board and management team which have been duly publicised.

These changes are as follows: 

Original Board ConstitutionPositionCeased/RemainedReplacementRevised Board Constitution
Tony SouthChairmanCeased 30/06/2016Replaced by Tony  MinnsTony Minns (until 28/02/2017)
Derek GraingerCompliance DirectorCeasing January 2017To be replaced from January 2017 by Emma WoolleyEmma Woolley (likely from January 2017)
John HamblinDirector and Active UnderwriterCeased 12 April 2016Replaced by *Richard Williams

Richard Williams

14/06/2016 (until Q1 2017)

Lawrence HolderManaging DirectorCeased 27/07/2016Replaced by Marion Maddon

Marion Maddon

Interim Managing Director (Awaiting PRA approval)

John LynchFinance DirectorCeased 31/03/2016Replaced by Heather McKinlayHeather McKinlay
Alex MaloneyNon-Executive DirectorRemains

Tony MinnsIndependent Non-Executive DirectorRemains until 28/02/2017

Robin OakesIndependent Non-Executive DirectorCeased 31/08/2016

Elvin PatrickNon-Executive DirectorCeased 21/04/2016

Peter ScalesDirectorCeased 31/03/2016

John TillingIndependent Review Non-Executive DirectorRemains

Richard WilliamsDirector and Active Underwriter (3010)Cease as Active Underwriter and Director Q1 2017Replaced by J Spence

J Spence

(Awaiting Regulatory approval)

Richard WilliamsDirector and Active Underwriter (2010)Cease as Active Underwriter and Director Q1 2017To be replaced by Jon Barnes, who joins in January 2017Jon Barnes (subject to regulatory approval)

S Fraser INED 29/02/2016

L Gibbins INED


N Davenport INED


*Richard Williams will cease as Active Underwriter for Syndicate 2010 and as a Director on the appointment of Jon Barnes in January 2017, subject to the necessary regulatory consents. Jon has over 25 years’ experience in the Lloyd’s market, most recently as deputy underwriter at Syndicate 2121. Richard Williams will remain in place pending approval to Jon’s appointments.

In addition to the departure of John Hamblin, certain members of the 2010 property treaty team have also left during the course of the year. These individuals have been replaced with individuals of similar experience and expertise.

Simon King stepped down as the D&F account underwriter in February 2016 and was replaced by his deputy, Richard Wood.

The Contingency Account Underwriter for Syndicate 2010 tendered his notice of resignation on 25th October 2016, and management are reviewing the position.

Operational support leavers include the heads of Claims, IT, Exposure Modelling and Reinsurance. The company is in the process of recruiting suitable replacements.

Date issued:  28 October 2016

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Derek Grainger

Agency contact no: + 44 (0) 20 7170 9000

For auction office use only: D2016007

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