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Beaufort Underwriting Agency Ltd

Managing Agent Name: Beaufort Underwriting Agency Limited

Subject: Addition of a new class of business and planned changes to Board Composition

Syndicate Affected: 318

New Line of Business

BUAL proposes to introduce a new portfolio of business under the Credit & Political Risk heading for the 2016 year of account, subject to the necessary approvals by Lloyd’s. The addition of this new class has been considered within the revised syndicate business plan submitted to Lloyd’s on 15th September.

Board Composition

Two Directors of BUAL, Richard Carter (Chairman) and Malcolm Cox (Non-Executive) have indicated their intention to resign their positions on the Board of BUAL during 2016 once suitable replacements are in place. They have both served on the Board for many years and the Board records its appreciation for their valuable contribution.

In order to further develop the resources at Board Level and subject the necessary consents, Mark Langston has been invited to join the Board of BUAL.

Date issued: 28.09.2015

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Arthur Hoffmann

Agency contact no: + 44 (0) 20 7220 8200

For auction office use only: D2015012

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