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Argenta Syndicate Management Limited

Managing Agent Name: Argenta Syndicate Management Limited

Subject: Potential change of control of Argenta Syndicate Management Limited

Syndicate Affected: Syndicate 2121

Argenta Syndicate Management Limited (“ASML”) has been advised by its parent company, Argenta Holdings plc (“Holdings”) that following a strategic review and the appointment of advisers with a view to securing additional investment, a number of approaches have been received by Holdings from prospective investors and acquirors.  Although the shareholders of Holdings propose to explore these opportunities, at the present time there can be no certainty as to whether any approach will lead to a change of ownership or control of Holdings and/or ASML.

The syndicate 2121 business plan for 2017 has been approved by Lloyd’s.

Date issued: 28 October 2016

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Andrew Annandale or Graham Allen

Agency contact no: + 44 (0) 20 7825 7200

For auction office use only: D2016004

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