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Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM) is a new platform that will allow users to create and register binding authority contracts, and provide an end-to-end compliance check for new and existing Coverholders and DCAs. It is being developed in partnership with the market to make it easier, faster and more cost-effective to do Delegated Authority business.

The platform is being delivered in an agile approach with prioritised releases (based on market feedback).

We are targeting the end of June 2021 for market wide adoption of the contract management functionality. Subsequent releases, including the full contract creation functionality are planned for release in 2022.

For Release 1, the market has been involved through participation in the DCOM Market Panel (usability testing) for Market Acceptance Testing.
After Release 1, there will be opportunities to get involved in future iterations of DCOM, such as through the Market Panel. If you are interested in joining the Market Panel, please get in touch with Lloyd’s DA Change Team via

Read-only BAR access will be provided to the market for 30 days after go-live. After this period, all BAR data will be archived and can be accessed via a service request through the Market Support Centre.

The binder registration and coverholder onboarding functionality is mandatory as the solution is replacing existing mandatory systems, BAR and ATLAS. The contract builder functionality is an optional component of Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager.

There will be no additional costs for 2021; all existing costs will be held at current levels. This is following a Lloyd’s Council decision, whereby it was decided that all costs relating to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manger will be covered by the Future at Lloyd’s Programme. Any Future at Lloyd’s related funding is factored into Lloyd’s levy for Managing Agents. For more information, please see Lloyd’s market bulletin here outlining the charges applicable to Lloyd’s members for 2021.


The Market Support Centre will be the primary means for market participants to request support (i.e. through raising a service request) and access knowledge articles about the DCOM system. 

To access the Market Support Centre, please click here.

Please note: In order to access these training materials via the Market Support Centre, you will need to use Identity. Your access will depend on a few factors such as your organisation and whether you have already created an account. Therefore, different users will have slightly different experiences. Please see this user guide for further details on accessing the Market Support Centre portal.

Video tutorials and user guides will be made available on Service Now/Knowledge base from release one go-live.

We will be working with DA Change Leads to identify ‘key users’ of the system and ensure they are given robust training. Training materials and ‘drop-in clinics’ will also be available for all users, to ensure they are confident in using the system.

Yes, ServiceNow will be offering a robust support model post go-live. Further details on the post-go live support model will be made available pre-go live.


Onboarding will involve every organisation signing an end-user license agreement to use Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager, submitting a list of Devolved Administrators, who will manage end-user permissions and nominating a single Registrant who will be responsible for completing organisation’s registration form.

Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager onboarding activities will commence in April 2021.

System Integration

Delegated Contract Manager will integrate directly with Delegated Data Manager via live APIs, that will feed contract data downstream, reducing manual re-keying of information and unlocking time saving benefits.

For release one, users will need to manually enter data from their own Contract Builder system into Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager to register binders. For future releases, there will be a live API between Lloyd’s and market organisation’s internal systems (to those who want the functionality) to enable inbound and outbound data, reducing the need for re-keying of information.