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DCOM release information

Upcoming DCOM release scope

Release 1.2 overview

Release date: 30 June 2022

This release is primarily intended to bring stability to DCOM. It contains over 200 bug fixes, while also introducing some new functionality. This includes:

  1. Mid-term broker change: prior to this release, it was not possible to perform an MTBC on DCOM. As a result of this release, users can now self-serve
  2. Agreement template change: prior to this release, it was necessary to raise a service request on the Market Support Centre Portal to change a contract template. As a result of this release, users can now self-serve changes while the contract is in draft
  3. Providing DXC access to draft contracts: expediting the DXC review process  

In addition, there are some high priority market feedback items which have been included. More of these usability enhancements will feature as part of the next releases.

Release 1.1 overview

Release date: 25 October 2021

Release 1.1 looks to provide usability enhancements to validation error messages, following market feedback.

Data validation enhancements

Validation error message enhancements provide more efficient navigation to error messages in DCOM, to enhance and speed up the process of identifying and correcting any data errors.

Release 1.0 overview

Release date: 26 July 2021

This first release of Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM) - the minimum viable product - replaces BAR and allows market participants to:

  • Complete binder registrations focusing on capturing better quality and structured data up-front to power downstream processes – including using in-built system validations to reduce errors and manual intervention
  • Use the partial contract builder tool.

Key contract manager features available now

Binder registration

You can now manage registration for all new contracts through DCOM. The system can perform binder validation checks at an earlier stage, leading to better quality data and less re-work.

Partial contract builder 

This tool allows you to produce a draft digital delegated authority contract. Schedule information populated as part of the registration process is outputted into an editable Microsoft Word document, along with the chosen template wording. Automated data validation checks are conducted as the registration is being produced, which should lead to reduced errors for those using this functionality.

Endorsement aggregation and timeline view

Smart functionality aggregates all endorsements on a contract and allows users to view the full up-to-date contract version at any point in time, using the timeline viewer to confirm the contract version that was applicable at any point in the contract lifecycle.

Renewal of existing binding authority contracts

Renewals are simple to execute with a ‘one click’ renewals function.

Seamless integration

DCOM is integrated with a number of other Lloyd’s systems, including Atlas and AiMS, providing consistent data quality and a joined-up ecosystem. The integration capabilities within the platform will allow us to continue to provide further integration opportunities with other market systems e.g. DDM, as part of subsequent releases.

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