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Lloyd’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Embedded in our purpose of sharing risk to create a braver world, is a responsibility to build a future that is more sustainable, resilient and inclusive. 

Recent years have challenged us to go further in that mission. We know that the risks that shape our world, shape the work we do at Lloyd’s, and that is why the work we do and the impact we have is crucial. 

Our 2023 Sustainability Report showcases our progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the goals for prosperity of planet and people, both now and in the future. 

Our report also outlines the ways in which we are insuring, investing and innovating to build resilience in the market for the risks of today and tomorrow. Underpinning all of this are our partnerships with the Sustainable Markets Initiative and the United Nations, which is expanding our impact to different sectors and around the world.

Included in our report are our disclosures against a number of frameworks , such as the Taskforce on Climate-related risk Disclosure (TCFD), ClimateWise and the United Nations Global Compact. We’ve sought limited assurance on some of the key figures in our report to be as transparent as possible with all our stakeholders, but also to give our stakeholders confidence that we’re taking action and seeing results.

Lloyd’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Download the full report.