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Update on DCOM releases

May 2022

In Q4 2021 Lloyd’s commissioned an independent review of DCOM to ensure continued system stability and robustness for market users. To have confidence that security and access controls were as robust as possible, we also undertook additional reviews.

The conclusion of the reviews produced a series of recommendations to which the programme has taken action. This will ensure the DCOM solution meets the high technology standards that Lloyd’s requires, while promoting a streamlined and strengthened system to the market.

The completion of some of the more immediate actions in Q1 2022 paved the way for the Lloyd’s Delegated Authority programme to resume DCOM system releases and enhancements with improved process rigour in the pre- and post-deployment stages. Following agreement with the market associations the enhancement releases will now precede the integration of DCOM with DDM.

The events in Ukraine created further delays to DCOM releases. The Lloyd’s DA programme uses a number of third-party IT contingent resources, and one significant supplier we had been using for critical development, testing and other support work ahead of each new DCOM release employs individuals based across Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Lloyd’s took the decision to stop working with this provider.

We are pleased to announce that a new testing partner has been secured to ensure continued system stability and robustness for market users, with a knowledge transfer currently taking place. Our planned schedule of releases, enhancements, and ultimately our timeline for integration has now been updated.

To deliver market benefits as quickly as possible, while maintaining delivery confidence, we are consolidating releases and are tracking well for releases 1.2 and 1.2.1 in June. This will be followed in late summer by releases 1.3 and 1.4 (including a patch release).

We will give as much notice as possible of the exact dates when confirmed and will provide updates via the DCOM newsflash. In addition to these product releases, we will be re-instating regular BAU releases for smaller, more incremental changes, and are working closely with LIMOSS to confirm the timing of the DCOM/DDM integration.