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Lloyd’s investment platform

About the platform

The Lloyd’s investment platform is an innovative solution to improve the competitiveness of the Lloyd’s Market by making it easier to generate risk-adjusted investment returns on capital held at Lloyd’s.  

The platform will consist of a series of select funds that will give investors access to a broader range of investment opportunities, including in private assets, and by consolidating market investment funds under one umbrella, it will enable market participants to benefit from collective economies of scale and lower costs. 

The new platform will help deliver against individual net zero objectives, with ESG criteria a key building block to the platform funds, thereby enabling Lloyd’s to increase its collective impact. 

The Investment Committee will be responsible for oversight and monitoring of the investment platform, including fund strategies and performance. This will ensure that the platform is implemented and operated in accordance with the operating model agreed by the Council and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Find out more

Read our announcement about the appointment of Schroders Solutions as the investment advisor of the Lloyd’s investment platform.