Sustainable energy security (1.92 MB, pdf)

The report, produced in co-operation with Chatham House, explores the key global energy trends over the next 10 to 20 years and examines the major implications for business both in terms of future resource constraints and the need to move to a low carbon economy.

The report identifies the major energy risks facing business over the short to medium term, including operational, supply chain, regulatory, financial and reputational risks. It also identifies potential opportunities for companies in the areas of renewables and energy efficiency.


  • Business can not rely on traditional energy sources

    Surging energy consumption, constraint on conventional fuel production and international recognition of the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate means businesses need to adapt to a new low carbon world.


  • Growing role of China and Asian economies

    The importance of these markets to global energy security is growing.  Their economic development is the engine of demand growth for energy.  Their energy security policies are also driving investment in clean energy technologies.


  • Global oil supply crunch

    International oil prices are likely to rise in the short to mid-term due to the costs of producing additional barrels from difficult environments.


Date of publication: June 2010