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Global business leader survey

This latest report explores corporate risk attitudes around the world

01 Jul 2009

Produced by Lloyd's and The James Martin 21st Century School, University of Oxford this report outlines the implications of Globalisation in an increasingly interconnected world. The report explores the new risks to business related to rapid globalisation over the last 20 years and highlights ways in which companies can better manage complex and systemic risks.

Produced with the Economist Intelligence Unit, Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight brings together views of the world’s leading business, academic and insurance experts. We use the findings of the report to drive the global risk agenda as it takes shape and give business leaders practical advice to turn risk into opportunity.

The global financial and economic crisis has caused a fundamental reassessment of risk. It’s crucial to understand how perceptions of risk are changing and how companies are managing these risks. We commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to survey more than 570 board-level executives from around the world.

The worldwide survey was conducted in March 2009 and included a series of in-depth interviews with corporate leaders and risk experts.

We examined attitudes to risk across five key categories:
• Economic, regulatory and market risk
• Business and strategic risk
• Political, crime and security risk
• Environmental and health risk
• Natural hazard risk

The findings offer a comprehensive picture of the risk environment for global business leaders. It’s clear that the economy is currently dominating the risk management agenda and companies are postponing investment, cutting costs and retrenching into core markets. Another finding was that perceptions of risk vary and a common language around risk is needed.