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After the storms

30 May 2018

Harvey, Irma and Maria

Lloyd's 'After the storms' report focuses on the insurance of hurricane-related risks. 

The 2017 hurricane season, aside from the record-breaking losses, generated losses of large magnitude in a number of different classes of insurance and from different types of loss events. 

Last year was the costliest year for US natural catastrophes on record due in large part to the very active North Atlantic hurricane season. Combined total economic losses from 2017’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria storms are projected to reach over $200bn. Yet insurance is expected to cover only half of these losses.

As North Atlantic communities brace themselves ahead of this year's hurricane season, our latest report looks back at events from last year to understand what we can learn.

After the storms 5 lessons learned
After the storms: 5 lessons learned
Report cover

After the storms

A Risk Insight report from Lloyd's Class of Business

'After the storms’ considers the losses, expected and unexpected - as well as some of the key lessons learned from Harvey, Irma and Maria (HIM) and the 2017 hurricane season in general. 

At a time when climate change is leading to increasingly more frequent and powerful storms, the report makes a compelling argument for the issue of underinsurance to be addressed.