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ACIN diversity showcase

Lloyd’s Tax team

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Explore the African-Caribbean Insurance Network’s diversity showcase of the Lloyd’s Tax team

Taryn Aleksandrowicz

Senior Manager, Indirect Tax

“I joined the London insurance market almost 7 years ago when I moved from Sydney to London and have always felt very welcome, not only by my team but by the market as a whole. In my experience the insurance industry really feels like a community, with a diverse range of talent and backgrounds, and I think it is one of the most fascinating and industries to be a part of.

Working in a diverse team has broadened my perspective which contributes to the high-performing culture within the indirect tax team at Lloyd's. One of the most important things we do as a team at Lloyd's is ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and contribute, no matter what their age, level or background. We really value having a diverse team and value everyone's input, which makes it a fun and effective team to be a part of.”

Sarah Vincent

IPT Compliance Manager

“I am extremely lucky to work in such a fantastic, diverse team at Lloyd's. I have worked for Lloyd's for twenty years, across several teams, coming from school with no formal degree and working in an all-male dominated Stockbrokers during my early career. I have seen huge changes in culture and diversity over this time at Lloyd's and in the insurance market. Our team in enriched by many different personalities and works so well, due to a great cross-section of cultures, backgrounds, ages, gender and experience. We all benefit greatly from this shared diversity and are able to learn so much from each other's individuality.

The insurance industry is a fantastic place to work and knowing that each member of our team can grow and thrive in a company that values and encourages them to succeed, whatever their beliefs, is a huge achievement. I believe our team is a great example of how the business can and should approach diversity in the workplace, as having a widely diverse team can have a significant impact on how well a team performs, bringing together different unique perspectives, strengths and experiences, which I have found leads to better communication, higher productivity and increased creativity.“

Ahmed Kepil

Tax Assistant

“Since I am a school leaver, I spent a lot of my weekends attending insight days and work experiences in different industries before I joined my current role. These insight days allowed me to develop an understanding of the insurance industry, and the fact that it was very flexible in terms of career paths and new opportunities for ambitious people, regardless of their background.

I was fortunate enough to join a very diverse team, which allowed me to settle in swiftly and build strong relationships with my peers, especially since it was a completely new environment for me transitioning from sixth form. I strongly believe that having a diverse team attracts a variety of personalities, which builds a friendly and encouraging working environment. In order to boost diversity within other teams I highly recommend the adoption and support of organisations such as ACIN, which gives young talents from various backgrounds an insight into these teams and what they do, which can possibly attract potential candidates for these teams and be very valuable assets going forward.“

Zahra Dawood

Tax Graduate

“I joined the Lloyd's tax team in October 2021 as a graduate. Whilst joining the world of work after university can be daunting for anyone, I found settling into the role was very easy due to the welcoming environment created by my colleagues. It has been great to see positive representation of women and people from minority ethnic backgrounds in senior roles and Lloyd's, as it allows those from minority backgrounds to see themselves in these roles.

There have been many events and opportunities surrounding diversity which have been a great opportunity for us to learn about other cultures as a team. Overall, I love working in such a diverse environment and think it ultimately makes Lloyd's a more exciting and interesting place.“

Shakeel Khan

Tax Graduate

“Before joining Lloyd's I did not know much about the insurance industry, except for the adverts you would find on TV. Since joining Lloyd's I have learnt a great deal about this very interesting and complex industry which can be challenging but also equally rewarding. Working as a part of a diverse team has been wonderful. It is our diversity that has allowed us to succeed and work well together. I would also add that joining a diverse team has also helped me to overcome many hurdles as the different experiences shared across the team were vital to overcoming these challenges. I would say that there is so much to learn from people with other backgrounds and faiths.

We all have our own stories and different perspectives which we can all bring to a team, leading to more ideas and greater results, which is one of the reasons I love working at Lloyd's. I really appreciate and believe that Lloyd's and ACIN are doing a good job in facilitating an inclusive environment. There are always different sessions and events hosted by Lloyd's and the ACIN which helps improve knowledge and awareness from those with different backgrounds and faith, leading to a more knowledgeable and inclusive work environment.“

Rhonda Rickwood

Head of Indirect Tax

“Since leaving college at 19, I've been working in the financial services sector as a tax specialist. By a country mile I've found insurance to be the most interesting - it's about protecting things that matterm which is something we can all relate to.

The insurance sector has a long way to go still when it comes to diversity. There are, however, employers and teams out there really trying to make a difference. The best teams I have worked in have been diverse ones which have reflected a broad range of experiences and perspectives. I've found that you learn more, make better decisions and are more fulfilled and productive when you work alongside people with different backgrounds and life experience to your own. The personal and professional growth isn't there to the same extent when you're around people that are the same as you.

I don't have all the answers on strategies to improve diversity in the workplace, but I do feel strongly that having inclusive recruitment policies plays a big part - I'm seeing this in action at Lloyd's and it makes me feel proud.“

Talitha Ndisang

Tax Graduate

“I joined Lloyd's in September 2022 on the Tax Graduate Scheme. Like most graduates, I had only interned in a few corporate environments, thus had little expectation on what to expect. Six months into the programme I have grown so much as an individual. I have been presented with limitless opportunities which have enabled me to develop and grow.

In the very few months that I have been here I have taken on projects, spoken on a panel and liaised across the Corporation and industry with employees at all levels. Working in a diverse environment has made my time at Lloyd's even better. I think having diversity within a team is a given - something that all teams should adopt. I do think there is room for improvement, however steps are being taken to create the change we need here at Lloyd's.“

Elliot Shulver

Indirect Tax Manager

“I've found that working in the insurance industry is an incredibly rewarding career with many opportunities for growth. There are numerous paths available within the industry, from underwriter and broker roles to actuarial work or even tax positions. The best part about being part of this industry is the people. Everyone here has been really welcoming since day one; everyone wants each other to succeed and are supportive in this. Working in a diverse team can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does it allow us to gain insights from different perspectives, but it also provides the opportunity to learn from each other and grow as professionals. One of the biggest benefits of working with people who come from different backgrounds is that we get exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

This helps foster creativity, which leads to better problem-solving skills and more innovative solutions to solve, sometimes challenging, tax issues. Additionally, having a variety of experiences on our team allows us to tap into unique skill sets that may not have been available if everyone was homogenous in their approach or background knowledge base. Another advantage is being able to create stronger relationships within our organisation because there's often greater understanding between colleagues when we understand each other's cultures and values better than before. This creates trust amongst team members, which ultimately strengthens communication channels throughout the entire organisation; leading ultimately towards higher job satisfaction rates across all teams.“

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Culture at Lloyd’s

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