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King Charles III exhibition

To celebrate the royal coronation, we take a look back at King Charles lll’s visits to Lloyd’s over the years

King Charles III visiting Lloyd's in the 1970s


His Royal Highness toured a packed Underwriting Room, meeting representatives from across the market and received a standing ovation.

After lunch he was shown the Nelson Collection, where he learned that Nelson's Order of the Bath should have been returned to the Royal Household upon his death. 

"Perhaps if you can open the case now, I can take it back to the palace", he remarked.

King Charles III visiting the Lloyd's building in the 1980s


In the 1980s His Royal Highness visited Lloyd’s on multiple occasions. 

In 1982, the Youth Business Initiative was launched which enabled young people, mainly disadvantaged, to start and develop their own businesses.

His Royal Highness said “I am enormously grateful to those in the Lloyd’s Community for the generous support they are giving, or have offered to give, to this enterprise. I need hardly say that I am also full of admiration for the enterprise and the determination of all those young people whom we have been able to assist. I only wish we could do more.”

In 1984, as President of the Mary Rose Trust, His Royal Highness visited Lloyd's to attend a reception and accept a gift of £78,000 to help retrieve and display the vessel which has been under water for over 400 years.

The Mary Rose, King Henry VIII's favourite warship, was built in Portsmouth between 1509 and 1511 and served in the Royal Navy until she was sunk in 1545.

His Royal Highness has been involved with the ship's Trust ever since his first dive on the wreck back in 1974.

King Charles III visiting Lloyd's in 2006


In 2006 His Royal Highness was joined by The Duchess of Cornwall for a tour of the Underwriting Room, followed by a roundtable discussion on Lloyd’s impact in the community.

King Charles III visited the Lloyd's building in 2021


As a lifetime advocate for protecting the environment, His Royal Highness visited Lloyd's in June 2021 to launch the Sustainable Markets Initiative Insurance Task Force — an initiative tasked with helping build resilience against climate change through insurance solutions. 

His Royal Highness joined a meeting of the Task Force and delivered a speech in the Underwriting Room, alongside Lloyd's Chairman Bruce Carnegie-Brown. The Lutine Bell rang twice to mark the significant event.

His Royal Highness then met representatives from Lloyd's innovation team to hear how our market is providing insurance for the latest and most complex risks.

Visit the exhibition

02 to 12 May 2023 - Underwriting Room

Visit our exhibition detailing the numerous visits by King Charles III and displaying some physical ‘Royalty at Lloyd’s’ items.

Our work with the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) Insurance Task Force

A significant global insurance industry commitment to drive climate positive action at pace

At the invitation of the former Prince of Wales, Lloyd’s has brought together leaders from a number of the largest and most influential global insurance firms to form an Insurance Task Force (ITF) as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, to drive progress as a group and accelerate the pace of industry transitions towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

A right Royal relationship

Lloyd’s has had a long association with the British Royal Family. Explore some of the most significant moments.


06 May 2023