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Lloyd’s Regulatory Services: Market consultation

Lloyd’s is undertaking a study of the global trading tools and regulatory services provided to the Lloyd’s market. Voice your opinions to help shape the future of Lloyd’s regulatory services and global trading tools.

Thu 25 Jun 2015

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Crystal is Lloyd’s regulatory database and contains over 12,000 pages of country-specific content available to 16,000 users in the market.  Now eight years old, Crystal is the central global trading tool provided to the market by the corporation.  Lloyd’s is performing a study around the value of Crystal and the regulatory services provided by the Corporation to the Lloyd's market. 

This study aims to understand how we can improve services and better deliver the support to you as a Lloyd’s market participant.  We appreciate your views on the services—whether you use them every day or don't use them at all.  Your feedback to this study is extremely valuable and will help shape the future of Lloyd’s global trading tools and regulatory services, and support Vision 2025.

The consultation

The consultation with the market will begin with an online survey followed by a series of workshops this summer.  The survey is anonymous, although you will be given the opportunity to provide your contact details if you happy to participate at in-person or virtual workshops. The online survey’s responses will be analysed on an aggregate basis and help shape the workshops later this summer.

Online survey

The 10-15 minute survey is an opportunity to share your views on the current content and format of the services, including the global trading tools and regulatory services.  Even if you don’t use any or all of the services, understanding why you don’t use them will help us. 

This survey is distributed to the Lloyd's market, including Lloyd's managing agents, Lloyd's brokers, Lloyd's coverholders and service companies throughout the world for comment. It has also been emailed  to other key stakeholders such as Xchanging (XIS), the LMA, LIIBA and other key market groups to ensure a full spectrum of responses.

Please feel free to forward it to your colleagues in the Lloyd’s market who may not be aware of it.


If you’re interested in participating in an in-person or virtual workshop, please complete the online survey and provide your contact details when prompted. Alternatively, please email with your contact details, your relationship to the Lloyd’s market, and country of residence.


Sarah Willard

Manager, Service Provision and Data
Lloyd's International Trading Advice

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Lloyd's International Trading Advice

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