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By a notice dated 1 September 2021, members were informed of the vacancy arising on the Council of Lloyd’s.

At the close of the nomination process, one valid nomination had been received as follows:

C-external – one candidate for one vacancy

Munich Re Capital Limited (represented by Mr Dominick Hoare)

As the number of candidates equals the number of vacancies, a ballot will not be necessary.  Munich Re Capital Limited (represented by Mr Hoare) has therefore been elected.

The term of office of the elected candidate will commence on 1 February 2022 and will be for a period of three years unless terminated earlier in accordance with paragraph 5.28 of the Constitutional Arrangements Byelaw (No. 2 of 2010).

Candidate information

Details of the candidate, including the candidate statement, can be found on the Lloyd’s website here.

Peter Spires

General Counsel and Secretary to the Council

30 September 2021