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OTT Risk

Key facts

Cohort: Cohort 9, 2022

Focus in insurance value chain/workflow: Point of underwriting  

Specific lines of business supported: Gig/Freelance I Corporate 

Founded: 2020

Status: Operating, still in insurance

Company type: MGA

Head office: United Kingdom

Main global offices: United Kingdom, USA

Locations served: Global

Employee count: 1-10


OTT Risk offers parametric insurance products for non-damage business interruption (NDBI), currently focused on the digital economy. Instead of offering coverage based on a predefined event, OTT Risk's insurance products pay out based on economic indices or industry metrics that correlate with business interruption losses. OTT Risk’s focus is providing revenue protection to the users of digital economy marketplaces. 

Lab activity

Primary focus product area whilst in the Accelerator: Parametric I Supply chain/NDBI

OTT Risk developed its revenue protection product for the digital economy during the Lab and agreed a capacity partnership with Apollo ibott Syndicate 1971. 

"It was a really nice opportunity for those 10 weeks of the Lab to dig into the conversation with Apollo, think about how we could use the work we had done thus far modelling business interruption risk, and apply it to the digital economy."
Matthew James, Head of Business Development

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