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​Orca AI

Key facts

Cohort: Cohort 4, 2020  

Focus in insurance value chain/workflow: Risk mitigation I Compliance & regulatory support 

Specific lines of business supported: Speciality  

Founded: 2018 

Status: Operating, still in insurance 

Company type: Data provider 

Head office: Israel 

Main global offices: Eastern Mediterranean 

Locations served: Global 

Employee count: 11-100 


Orca AI is used to track vessel activity and risks. One of Orca AI’s products, SeaPod, gathers and tracks targets such as oceanic wildlife, buoys and fishing boats that may pose a risk to ships. Its other product, FleetView, can be used by fleet managers to monitor the operations of a shipping fleet. It provides a bespoke risk score to each ship and recommendations on how to reduce this risk. 

Lab activity

Primary way aimed to improve insurance processes and tools whilst in the Accelerator: New sources of risk insight - data or models  

Since their time in the Lab, Orca AI have partnered with a number of investors and launched another product, Fleet View, which aims to collate data from millions of nautical miles to provide fleet managers with information about their vessels and feedback to their crews. 

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