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​Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (LMF)

Key facts

Cohort: Cohort 3, 2019 

Focus in insurance value chain/workflow: Point of underwriting I Loss modelling & analytics  

Founded: 2012 

Status: Operating, still in insurance 

Company type: Other  

Head office: United Kingdom 

Main global offices: United Kingdom 

Locations served: Global 

Employee count: 11-100 


Oasis provides an open-source platform for developing, deploying and executing catastrophe models. It was created to increase the model choice for the (re)insurance industry, whilst democratising risk for developing countries. Oasis’ other aims include reducing costs to the industry, increasing innovation, maintaining open data standards, supporting academics, and reducing the barriers to entry for firms that want to get their models used within insurance. 

Lab activity

Primary way aimed to improve insurance processes and tools whilst in the Accelerator: Data, product & service consolidator 

The Lab increased the profile of Oasis and its objectives in the London Market. It helped to promote Open Data Standards that Oasis curates on behalf of the insurance industry. The Open Results Data initiative that was developed and released during Cohort 3 is being implemented into many organisations.

​"The Lab gets your right to the heart of the London market, talking to many of the right people. For us promoting open standards it gave us a great lift."
​Dickie Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer

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