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Key facts

Cohort: Cohort 4, 2020 

Focus in insurance value chain/workflow: Risk mitigation I Point of underwriting I Compliance & regulatory support 

Specific lines of business supported: Corporate I SME  

Founded: 2017 

Status: Operating, still in insurance 

Company type: Data models, data provider   

Head office: Israel 

Main global offices: Eastern Mediterranean 

Locations served: Global 

Employee count: 11-100 


Kovrr allows global enterprises and (re)insurers to quantify the financial impact of cyber risk. The company’s platform is used for planning cybersecurity budgets, communicating risk to boards of directors, prioritising new initiatives, buying cyber insurance, and reporting to regulators. 

Lab activity

Primary way aimed to improve insurance processes and tools whilst in the Accelerator: Improving UW tools and processes I New sources of risk insight - data or models  

During its time in the Accelerator, Kovrr developed its CRA-Zones framework, now known as CRIMZON, which is used to monitor cyber risk accumulations. CRIMZON allows insurers to analyse multiple portfolios and group risk by geography, industry or entity size. 

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