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Key facts

Cohort: Cohort 3, 2019

Focus in insurance value chain/workflow: Point of underwriting 

Specific lines of business supported: Corporate I SME   

Founded: 2015

Status: Operating, still in insurance

Company type: MGA

Head office: United Kingdom

Main global offices: United Kingdom

Locations served: United Kingdom

Employee count: 11-100


Flock is a fully digital insurance company for commercial motor fleets. The company’s risk intelligence engine uses real-time, third-party and proprietary data sets to price policies. Flock provides connected vehicle fleets (cars, vans and trucks) with insurance that proactively enables and incentivises safer driving. Flock’s Connected Insurance protects thousands of drivers and is distributed by hundreds of brokers across the UK. 

Lab activity

Primary focus product area whilst in the Accelerator: Automotive I Drones

Participation in the Lab helped Flock to expand its offering from drone insurance to also provide fleet cover. Being in the accelerator was also invaluable, providing Flock with excellent networking opportunities and exposure to carriers, investors, and partners. 

“Our participation in the program helped us to expand from drones to fleet, brought us valuable networking opportunities, exposure to carriers, investors and partners, and team growth. These experiences have had a lasting and positive impact on Flock and continue to fuel our growth and development year over year.”
Antton Peña, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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