Underwriting agents wishing to appoint an individual to the position of board director, active underwriter, run-off manager and any other PRA or FCA Senior Management Function (SMF) should, after discussing it with the Lloyd’s Governance and Solvency II team, formally notify Lloyd’s of the intention by completing this form. Please note that as part of this process, appointments will be reviewed by the same team.

Any notification for a proposed Active Underwriter role will be reviewed by the Lloyd’s Governance & Solvency II team.

The individual will need to be made aware of the declaration required by the NAIC. By submitting this form, you are confirming that the individual has seen and made the declaration required by the NAIC for the purposes of transacting business in the USA. If the individual appointed to the senior position has not him/herself made the declaration by clicking the “Accept” button, then the person who confirmed the declaration on behalf of the individual to be appointed is taken as confirming that they have shown the declaration to the individual and has authority to confirm the declaration on behalf of the individual.

Please read our Governance Notification Privacy Notice to learn more about how we process your personal information.