Regulatory Communications

This section provides the Lloyd's market with international regulatory changes, regulatory news articles, PRA and FCA consultation papers, market bulletins, details about regulatory briefings and updates regarding Solvency II.

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Date Title Category
26/05/2016 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications June 2016 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
26/05/2016 Resources for determining risk location Regulatory news articles
26/05/2016 Crystal Assist: take our CII CPD accredited tutorial Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications May 2016 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
25/04/2016 Benelux region: Market Presentation and Q&A Session Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Choice of law and jurisdiction – best practice Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Delegated authority: Regional mapping Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Venezuela: Update on currency exchange controls Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Indonesia: New Regulation on Reinsurance Regulatory news articles
25/04/2016 Switzerland: Regulatory reporting data and monthly bordereau statements Regulatory news articles
17/03/2016 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications April 2016 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
17/03/2016 Brazil: Contract Formalisation Requirements Regulatory news articles
17/03/2016 Philippines: Claims Control Clauses in reinsurance contracts Regulatory news articles
17/03/2016 Greece: New Coverholder Certificate Regulatory news articles
17/03/2016 Colombia: Lloyd's Colombia Day and forthcoming visit of Lloyd's General Representative Regulatory news articles
18/02/2016 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications March 2016 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
18/02/2016 South Korea Cross Border Insurance Registration and Disclosure Requirements Abolished Regulatory news articles
22/01/2016 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications February 2016 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
22/01/2016 Argentina: Appointment of Collection Agents Regulatory news articles
22/01/2016 Lloyd's registers syndicates for Chinese reinsurance business Regulatory news articles
Showing: 81 to 100
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