Regulatory Communications

This section provides the Lloyd's market with international regulatory changes, regulatory news articles, PRA and FCA consultation papers, market bulletins, details about regulatory briefings and updates regarding Solvency II.

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Date Title Category
21/11/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications December 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
17/11/2017 The Internet of Things and (Re)Insurance: Grappling with the Regulatory Challenges Regulatory news articles
24/10/2017 Germany: New premium tax identification number Regulatory news articles
24/10/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications November 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
23/10/2017 Global policies and Cyber Insurance Regulatory news articles
23/10/2017 Australia Victoria - Stamp Duty exemptions clarification Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications October 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
26/09/2017 Lloyd’s Insurance Company in Brussels: Information now available on Crystal Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 Morocco: New trading rights in Casablanca Finance City Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 US: NAIC Codes - At a glance Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 Progress on global capital standards Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 Solvency II is under review Regulatory news articles
26/09/2017 UK: Application of Insurance Premium Tax rate changes Regulatory news articles
22/08/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications September 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
22/08/2017 New trading rights in Abu Dhabi Global Market Regulatory news articles
22/08/2017 Canada Saskatchewan: Implementation of Retail Sales Tax Regulatory news articles
22/08/2017 New Zealand: Earthquake Commission levy increase Regulatory news articles
22/08/2017 South Africa: Changes to conduct oversight and coverholder data requirements Regulatory news articles
26/07/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications August 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
25/07/2017 Uruguay: Onshore reinsurance coverholders permitted Regulatory news articles
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