Regulatory Communications

This section provides the Lloyd's market with international regulatory changes, regulatory news articles, PRA and FCA consultation papers, market bulletins, details about regulatory briefings and updates regarding Solvency II.

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Date Title Category
19/11/2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) – bulletins and notices issued by international regulators Regulatory newsletters
16/11/2018 Corporation of Lloyd's Privacy Management Framework Regulatory news articles
24/05/2018 Implementation of the EU Insurance Distribution Directive Regulatory news articles
30/04/2018 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications May 2018 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
30/04/2018 India: Circular on Order of Preference Regulations Regulatory news articles
30/04/2018 Lloyd’s International Trading Advice market consultancy services Regulatory news articles
30/03/2018 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications April 2018 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
19/02/2018 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications March 2018 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
19/02/2018 Update to Lloyd's Complaints Handling Process Regulatory news articles
22/01/2018 Is your organisation ready for Brexit Regulatory news articles
22/01/2018 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications February 2018 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
14/12/2017 Lloyd’s South Africa : New Insurance Regulations Regulatory news articles
14/12/2017 Lloyd's South Africa: Revised policyholder protection rules Regulatory news articles
14/12/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications January 2018 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
13/12/2017 Underwriting insurance contracts for international organisations and governmental organisations Regulatory news articles
21/11/2017 Resources for Determining Risk Location Regulatory news articles
21/11/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications December 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
17/11/2017 The Internet of Things and (Re)Insurance: Grappling with the Regulatory Challenges Regulatory news articles
24/10/2017 Lloyd's Regulatory Communications November 2017 Newsletter Regulatory newsletters
23/10/2017 Global policies and Cyber Insurance Regulatory news articles
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