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    Syndicate 457 is managed by Munich Re Syndicate Limited. The Syndicate is owned by the Munich Re Group, since 1997, currently under the holding of Munich Re Speciality Group Limited. The Syndicate is comprised of experienced underwriting teams in the areas of cargo, contingency, cyber,  energy, film & entertainment, financial lines, liability, personal accident, political risks, space, specie, trade credit, transport & logistics, yacht & marine trade, war. The Syndicate is one of the major marine insurance underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and is known in the industry for quality claims handling.

    Munich Re Specialty Group Limited leads the Group in which Munich Re Syndicate Limited manages Syndicate 457 at Lloyd’s. The Group manages a network of distribution companies including GJW Direct, NMU Specialty, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. and Syndicate offices in Asia Pacific and Middle East . A separate unit, Watkins Marine Services, which focuses on transportation-related and energy risk management operates within our Lloyd’s broker, Roanoke International Brokers Limited.

    Munich Re Syndicate Singapore Pte.Ltd. established in 2000, is committed to providing the highest-quality service to its clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Its experienced underwriting team excels in a variety of niche insurance product offerings, including Offshore Energy, Global Project Cargo, Hull & Machinery, Marine Trade, Marine & Aviation, War, Marine & Transport Liability, Yacht, Political Violence, Financial Lines, Cyber and Personal Accident.

    As part of the Munich Re Specialty Group's regional strategy in Asia-Pacific, Munich Re Syndicate Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the central underwriting hub which covers the entire Asia market.

  • Munich Re Syndicate Singapore Pte Limited writes the full spectrum of marine insurance products, including:

    • Offshore Energy
    • Offshore Construction
    • Marine Cargo
    • Project Cargo
    • Hull and Machinery
    • Builders Risk
    • Marine and Transport Liabilities
    • War
    • Specie
    • Yacht Insurance
    • Sabotage and Terrorism
    • Subsea Equipment
    • Personal Accident
    • Contingency
    • Cyber
    • Financial Lines
  • Munich Re Syndicate Singapore Pte Limited
    138 Market Street
    #04-04 CapitaGreen
    Singapore 048946

    Telephone +65 6395 0188
    Fax +65 6395 0199
    Email MRSL457-SGWSS@munichre.com


    Celine Ang
    Head of Asia
    Telephone +65 6395 0185
    Mobile +65 9178 0188
    Email CAng@munichre.com

    Tina Lee
    Terrorism, Political Violence & Business Development Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6395 0190
    Mobile +65 9660 9337
    Email TiLee@munichre.com

    Tony Betteridge
    Head of Marine
    Telephone +65 6395 0603
    Mobile +65 9796 6453
    Email Tbetteridge@munichre.com

    Joel Pridmore
    Head of Financial Lines and Business Development, Asia Pacific
    Telephone +65 6395 0607
    Mobile +65 9734 6900
    Email JPridmore@munichre.com

    Timothy Lee
    Energy Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6395 0601
    Mobile +65 9753 8066
    Email TimLee@munichre.com

    Anna Chan
    Hull Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6395 0187
    Mobile +65 9435 6628
    Email AnChan@munichre.com

    Alicia Leong
    Liability Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6395 0604
    Mobile +65 9128 4767
    Email ALeong@munichre.com

    Jeremy Griffiths
    Regional Claims and Operations Manager
    Telephone +65 6395 0198
    Mobile +65 9627 2394
    Email JGriffiths@munichre.com

    Aaron Yeo
    Finance and HR Manager
    Telephone +65 6395 0193
    Mobile +65 8799 8922
    Email AYeo@munichre.com

Placing a risk with Lloyd's in Singapore

Lloyd's Asia Service Companies are able to trade with any broker and there is no requirement to use a Lloyd's broker.

If you are a broker and wish to place business with Lloyd's Asia Service Companies please view the class of business matrix. 


Lloyd's Asia Class of Business matrix

General enquiries

Asia Square - Lloyd's Singapore building

Lloyd's Asia General Enquiries

t: +65 6499 9330



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