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    Beazley plc is the parent company of global, specialist insurance businesses with operations in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. Beazley’s global business is transacted through divisions: Marine, Political Risks & Contingency, Property, Reinsurance and Specialty Lines. Beazley has an unbroken 30 year record of profitability.

    Beazley manages six Lloyd’s syndicates all of which are rated `A´ by A.M. Best and `A+´ by Standard & Poor’s and also benefit from the Lloyd’s chain of security.

    In 2016, Beazley underwrote gross premiums of USD$2,195.6 million.

    Since opening in 2006, our Singapore office has become the Beazley hub for the Asia Pacific region. The product offerings for the hub are across all classes of engineering and construction insurance and reinsurance, as well as marine, aviation, contingency, terrorism, management liability, financial liability, professional liability, cyber, political risks and trade credit and reinsurance for property risk and catastrophe excess of loss treaties.

  • Engineering and construction products include:

    • Machinery breakdown (MB) and loss of profits following (MLOP)
    • Contractors all risks (CAR) & Erection all risks (EAR)
    • Electronic equipment (EEI) and computer insurances
    • Plant and machinery all risks (MAR)
    • Advance loss of profits/delay in start up (ALOP/DSU)

    Political, trade credit, terrorism and contingency risks coverage include:

    • Political risks, political violence & stand alone terrorism
    • Contract frustration and trade credit
    • Contingency (event cancellation, conference & exhibitions, prize indemnity, weather)

    Marine products include:

    • Cargo
    • Fine art and specie
    • Project cargo
    • Marine hull

    International Financial Lines products include:

    • Professional indemnity
    • Directors and officers liability
    • Financial instituitions risks
    • Healthcare risks
    • Cyber risks
    • Surety
    • Transactional liability
    • Treaty

    In addition, Beazley has a dedicated property underwriter focusing on property facultative risks. We also focus on jewellers block, airline, general aviation and rotor wing insurance. Our market leading team provides hull and liability cover for commercial and private operators; onshore/offshore operators; and business jets and medium to high value turbo prop aircraft. Beazley is also a member of the Construction Consortium at Lloyd's Asia, offering capacity of USD212.5m for large construction projects.

  • Beazley
    138 Market Street
    #03-04 CapitaGreen
    Singapore 048946
    Telephone +65 6597 2620

    Byran Lee
    Regional Engineering Manager/Principal Officer
    Telephone +65 6576 6271
    Email byran.lee@beazley.com

    Gavin Hayes
    Head of Asia Pacific / Jewellers Block / Transactional Liability 
    Telephone +65 6597 2630
    Email gavin.hayes@beazley.com

    Vincent Tee
    Property Manager
    Telephone +65 6576 6273
    Email vincent.tee@beazley.com

    Lim Kheng Seong
    Construction & Engineering Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6576 6277
    Email khengseong.lim@beazley.com

    Michael Lum
    Underwriter, Political Risk & Trade Credit
    Telephone +65 6576 6272
    Email michael.lum@beazley.com

    Andrew Page
    Underwriter, Terrorism and Contingency
    Telephone +65 6576 6274
    Email andrew.page@beazley.com

    Nicholas Tey
    Regional Manager, Professional Liability
    Telephone +65 6576 2631
    Email nicholas.tey@beazley.com

    Gordon Lam 
    Underwriter, International Financial Lines
    Telephone +65 6576 6287 
    Email gordon.lam@beazley.com

    Ng Teck Siong
    Underwriter, International Financial Lines
    Telephone +65 65972627
    Email tecksiong.ng@beazley.com

    Said Khan
    Underwriter, Marine Cargo
    Telephone +65 6597 2629
    Email said.khan@beazley.com

    Song Kwang Hoon
    Underwriter, Marine Hull
    Telephone +65 6597 2632
    Email kwanghoon.song@beazley.com

    Chris Kwon
    Treaty Underwriter
    Telephone +65 6576 6281
    Email chris.kwon@beazley.com

    Clara Han
    Underwriter, Professional Liability
    Telephone +65 6576 2633
    Email clara.han@beazley.com


Placing a risk with Lloyd's in Singapore

Lloyd's Asia Service Companies are able to trade with any broker and there is no requirement to use a Lloyd's broker.

If you are a broker and wish to place business with Lloyd's Asia Service Companies please view the class of business schedule.

Class of business schedule

General enquiries

Asia Square - Lloyd's Singapore building

Lloyd's Asia General Enquiries

t: +65 6499 9330



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