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Application process and guidance

Syndicate in a box

A clear and streamlined entry process

Length of application: Criteria validation / managing agent engagement plus 3 months

Review and "in principle" approval

The internal review of a new business plan and capital assessment involves a few teams within Lloyd's. The Lloyd's New Entrants team and Syndicate Oversight Manager will co-ordinate a streamlined review process ahead of presentation to the Business Opportunities Committee (BOC) for "in principle" appoval.

Making it Happen / Permission to Underwrite

This is the finalisation of the application once it has "in principle" agreement. At the end of this stage the BOC considers the outputs from the review stage and how the operational and administrative aspects (including establishing any new members, lodging Funds at Lloyd's, setting up SIAB Premiums Trust Fund accounts) have been addressed with a view to granting formal Permission to Underwrite.

Post approval

Once the SIAB has begun trading we will follow up on any deliverables in a post approval action plan. In addition we will regularly review performance against the agreed SIAB success criteria and business plan.

Syndicate in a box applications will be assessed within three months without reducing standards by:

  1. Publishing qualifying criteria, guidance and templates on and requiring that all information be submitted up front.
  2. Placing reliance on the sponsoring managing agent's attestation of compliance with Lloyd's minimum standards.
  3. Lloyd's Council annually setting the appetite for syndicates in a box.  In 2020, a maximum of 2% of total market GWP can be written through syndicates in a box.
  4. Being transparent. The syndicate in a box application fee is £100,000, plus £52,000 for each new member. The difference between the syndicate in a box and syndicate application fee will be payable only if the SIAB applies to graduate to a full syndicate.

Joining Lloyd's Mailbox

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