Important information about Syndicate Reports and Accounts

Access to this document is restricted to persons who have given the certification set forth below. If this document has been forwarded to you and you have not been asked to give the certification, please be aware that you are only permitted to access it if you are able to give the certification.

The syndicate reports and accounts set forth in this section of the Lloyd’s website, which have been filed with Lloyd’s in accordance with the Syndicate Accounting Byelaw (No. 8 of 2005), are being provided for informational purposes only. The syndicate reports and accounts have not been prepared by Lloyd’s, and Lloyd’s has no responsibility for their accuracy or content. Access to the syndicate reports and accounts is not being provided for the purposes of soliciting membership in Lloyd’s or membership on any syndicate of Lloyd’s, and no offer to join Lloyd’s or any syndicate is being made hereby. Members of Lloyd’s are reminded that past performance of a syndicate in any syndicate year is not predictive of the related syndicate’s performance in any subsequent syndicate year.

You acknowledge and agree to the foregoing as a condition of your accessing the syndicate reports and accounts. You also agree that you will not provide any person with a copy of any syndicate report and accounts without also providing them with a copy of this acknowledgment and agreement, by which they will also be bound.

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