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Get involved

We have a range of opportunities for the Corporation of Lloyd's and Lloyd's market companies to support our community involvement initiatives.

Lloyd's Community Programme has launched its newest programme, aimed at those in the market who are interested in becoming trustees of charities. Watch the video below to find out more about why being a trustee is such an impactful way of volunteering and how you can get involved.

BoardBuilders+ at Lloyd's

Getting involved is easy - whether you want to volunteer, take part in a team challenge, host or donate, there are all sorts of opportunities for everyone working in the Lloyd's market and the Corporation of Lloyd's. Find out which programme is right for you and the skills you want to develop using our Volunteering Skills Matrix.

Reading and Number Partners: Helping students to develop their literacy or numeracy skills and acting a role model.

Workshop topic  Age group  Details  Location  Interested? 
Reading Partner Primary school Weekly/Fortnightly Tower Hamlets Email
to register 
Number Partner Primary school Weekly John Scurr primary school, E1 4AX 

Abacus: A financial literacy programme for 9 - 10 years olds and their parents at schools in Tower Hamlets. Watch our Abacus video to bring this to life.

Workshop topic Details Location Interested?
Budgeting and Borrowing  Thurs 05/03/20 08:55 - 10:45 Marion Richardson Primary, E1 0QF Email
to register
Value for Money and Smart Shopping  Thurs 12/03/20 08:55 - 10:45 Marion Richardson Primary, E1 0QF
Money and the World of Work Thurs 19/03/20 08:55 - 10:45 Marion Richardson Primary, E1 0QF
Insurance and Risk  Weds 26/03/20 08:55 - 10:45 Marion Richardson Primary, E1 0QF
Lloyd's visit  Fri 03/04/20 11.00 - 1.30 Lloyd's, EC3M 7HA

Head2Head: Mock interviews with young people aged 15-17 years old at their school in Tower Hamlets. This can be volunteers from across the market or you can sign up for one date as a team.

School  Details  Location  Interested? 
Central Foundation Girls' School                         Weds 18/03/20: 08:30 - 12:30 and/or 12:30 - 15:10
Thurs 19/03/20: 08:30 - 12:30 and/or 12:30 - 15:10
Mile End, Bow Road, E3 2AE Email
to register
Mulberry School for Girls

Thurs 11/06/20: 08:30 - 12:30 and/or 13:20 - 15:30
Friday 12/06/20:  08:30 - 12:30 and/or 13:20 - 15:30

Richard street, Commercial Road, E1 2JP

Getting Ahead: Employability skills conferences for 14/15 year olds. Students work through various activities, each one covering a key skill or employability concept. This can be volunteers from across the market or you can sign up for one date as a team.

School Details Location Interested?
George Green's School Tues 31/03/20: 08:30 - 15:10
Thurs 02/04/20: 08:30 - 15:10
Fri 03/04/20: 08:30 - 15:10
Thurs 23/04/20: 08:30 - 12:40
Island Gardens, E14 3DW Email
to register
St Paul's Way Trust School Thurs 04/06/20: 08:30 - 15:30
Fri 05/06/20: 08:30 - 15:30
Langdon Park, E14 0RZ
Morpeth School Weds 01/07/20: 08:30 - 12:40 Bethnal Place, Stepney Green, E2 0PX


Insuring Human Progress: Offer insight into your areas of insurance and encourage undergraduates to enter the world of insurance by hosting an insight day into your business area, or a master class into what your departments do.

Opportunity Details  Location  Interested? 
Register your interest for 2019 At your convenience between October – November Your office Email
to register

Mentoring: Mentor a young person through a fully supported structured mentoring programme. Watch our mentoring video to bring this to life.

Opportunity  Age group  Details  Location  Interested? 
Mentoring a secondary school or sixth form student 15-17 year olds 1 hour per month, Nov - June School and your office Email
to register
Mentoring young people at university or who have just left formal education 18-21 year olds 5 sessions, July - Sept Remotely Email
to register

Team challenges: Take part in a one day volunteering activity with your department or team.

Opportunity  Beneficiaries Details  Location  Interested? 
One off team challenge Local community groups One day – Any time East London Email
to register
Whizz Kidz local youth club or wheelchair skills training Disabled young people One day- Any time London Email
to register
Getting Ahead and Head to Head employability sessions Young people from London boroughs One day (dates and times above)  London Email
to register 

Other ways you or your company can get involved

  • Host a summer placement for a young person from our delivery partner, The Brokerage for 6-8 weeks.
  • Host a work placement for a disabled young person from our charity partner, Whizz Kidz.
  • Sharing knowledge and insight around climate and flood resilience trends or giving advice around catastrophe micro-insurance and climate-based index insurance to our partner Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.
  • Giving pro-bono support to help Habitat for Humanity Gerat Britain calculate community level disaster risks and environmental risks such as mapping, data sources and risk reduction strategies.
  • Offer your office space to host an employability workshop.    
  • Invite the Responsible Business team or one of our charity partners to talk about our initiatives in your company.
  • Give an hour a month and become a Responsible Business Champion and share opportunities with your team or company.        

Charitable Giving 

  • From running, to cycling, swimming, mud runs and walking, Habitat for Humanity Great Britain have a range of fundraising opportunities all year round. 
  • You can donate or fundraise for the Lloyd’s Charities Trust or the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund, with full support given by the Responsible Business team.    
  • Applications for the Lloyd's Market Charity Awards are open until Friday 31 July.  Click here to register your interest.

Get in touch for more details.