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Become a Lloyd's partner

Find out how to become a Lloyd’s coverholder or registered broker.

Become a Lloyd's coverholder

A coverholder is a company or partnership authorised to enter into a contract of insurance on behalf of a Lloyd’s syndicate in accordance with the terms of a binding authority. The coverholder acts as agent of the Lloyd’s underwriters, rather than an agent of the policyholder.

Coverholders are Lloyd’s trusted distribution partners around the world. The strength of the partnership lies in the combination of the local business knowledge and strong relationships of the coverholder and the underwriting expertise and financial security of the Lloyd’s market.

Lloyd’s approves and regulates coverholders to ensure they uphold Lloyd’s standards. Interested firms should contact Lloyd’s General Representative in France to discuss the requirements and process before applying.

To become a coverholder in France there are a number of requirements firms need to meet including:

  • A sponsoring Lloyd’s broker and/or managing agent. The sponsor will perform their own due diligence of the application before it is submitted to Lloyd’s Delegated Authorities Team for review.
  • The coverholder must be an insurance intermediary in France that is registered with ORIAS (the register of intermediaries) as an insurance underwriting agent ("mandataire d'assurance"). In order to be registered as an insurance underwriting agent, the coverholder needs to ask its Lloyd’s broker to fill in the ORIAS form called “Attestation de mandat” including the name of lead managing agent and the number of the lead syndicate. This document must be signed by the lead managing agent.
  • If the coverholder is also registered with ORIAS as an insurance broker, it must have professional indemnity insurance for its activities as a broker and as an underwriting agent, and particularly for its activities as a Lloyd’s coverholder.
  • The coverholder must have a financial guarantee.

Contact the Lloyd’s France office

Become a Lloyd's broker

A Lloyd’s broker is a professional able to transact insurance and reinsurance business with Lloyd’s on behalf of their clients. Lloyd’s brokers are members of a respected community at the heart of the Lloyd’s market and we welcome applications from brokers from around the world.

Lloyd’s offers brokers a secure, diverse and expert market with an unrivalled concentration of underwriting talent and flexibility across over 60 lines of insurance and reinsurance.

Find out more about the benefits and requirements of becoming a Lloyd’s broker here.