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Talbot Underwriting Volunteer at Abney Park

20 Oct 2017

In September 40 volunteers from Talbot Underwriting returned to Abney Park in Hackney.  They managed to shift 60 tonnes of crushed concrete and transform muddy pathways, in order to tackle the on-going accessibility issues in the park.

There was an additional team-building element to the day as the team was split in two with each team starting at opposing ends of the pathway and the first to reach the centre winning. This added a different dynamic to the day and helped to ensure that motivation did not fade. Leanne Challis, Underwriting Technical Assistant said: “We are a competitive bunch so give us a challenge and we will try our best to get it done.”

The park manager, Tom Simpson, described it as no small task as he explained the process behind upgrading the paths at the 31 acre site. “With the help of volunteers, we can turn previous muddy and potentially inaccessible paths into clear, clean and stable routes made from recycled crushed concrete. These paths will allow the community to enjoy Abney Park, regardless of any issues around access, and improve the park-going experience for all visitors. This work is labour intensive, involving lots of wheelbarrowing and raking, but is incredibly rewarding and leaves a visible and lasting legacy.”

The support did not stop there as when the Talbot team returned to the office, they continued to champion Abney Park, securing a £2000 donation from the Talbot Charity Community Group. This donation went to the Abney Park Trust and towards the restoration of two very important monuments on the site.

Talbot Underwriting Volunteer at Abney Park