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Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund: Hear Julian’s story about managing his mental health

Wed 04 Nov 2020

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund has supported veterans and their families for over two hundred years. Today, we focus on improving mental health and employment prospects for military families.


Over the next three years we are funding an innovative research project with our partner, Combat Stress, the veterans’ mental health charity. The research focuses on the use of sensory modulation as a therapy treatment for veterans. This technique improves the way you can manage complex mental health needs through your senses to benefit people like Julian.

Julian who sought help from Combat Stress for his aggression and anger, 25 years after he served in the Falklands. Julian shares his experiences of the therapy treatment with us.

“It’s a constant battle to maintain peace of mind, but thanks to Combat Stress, I now know what to do.

Working with the occupational therapists at the charity, we discovered that my profile showed that I have a very high tolerance for sensory input, meaning I’m more comfortable in an environment which stimulates my mind; a room with blank walls would be agitating to me but, if there were pictures on the walls and some lit candles, I’d be much calmer as it would help keep my mind stimulated. Knowing what I need to have around me means I can be in control of my environment, which in turn means I can be more in control of my emotions.

Activities like pyrography – the art of wood burning – is something I’ve found very therapeutic, which helps to slow my brain down. I also find writing fictional stories with a pencil on paper very helpful – I like the feel of the pencil rolling across the page.

Learning about and using sensory modulation has changed my life. If I’m starting to get agitated, I have something I can fall back on.

Treatment isn’t a magic wand – I still have horrible feelings but, thanks to Combat Stress, I now have the armory to do something in the here and now to help myself.”

You can find out more about how sensory modulation works in our short video here.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with or contact Combat Stress at