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Lloyd's Charities Trust - celebrating our global impact

Thu 12 Mar 2020

Lloyd’s Charities Trust has been helping to build resilient and sustainable communities globally for more than 60 years. But what impact has this had? We’ve been looking back at our achievements over the past three years. 

What is the Lloyd’s Charities Trust?

The Lloyd’s Charities Trust supports projects that aim to reduce the risk of devastation to the people who need it most. Through our charity partnerships, we work with organisations who help the most vulnerable groups with disaster risk reduction globally.

Making a difference through our charity partners

Focusing on causes important to the Lloyd’s market and its people, Lloyd’s Charities Trust supported funding partnerships with RedR UK, Build Change and Whizz-Kidz between 2007 and 2019.

With the partnerships coming to a close at the end of last year, we wanted to look back on how we helped create lasting change globally, as well as locally. Our highlights include:

  • Building the knowledge and capacity of 3,383 aid workers responding to global disasters.
  • Structurally strengthening 1,761 vulnerable houses in the Philippines and Colombia, training 1,524 builders and homeowners and creating 754 jobs.
  • Supporting 470 young wheelchair users with expert clinical support and mobility equipment, which allowed 92% to take equipment home on the day.

Find out more by reading our global impact report.

Looking forward

Lloyd’s Charities Trust agreed its new strategy in 2019 with a focus on helping the most vulnerable groups with disaster risk reduction globally.

To achieve this, we launched a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain. Together, we aim to help better prepare the most vulnerable communities in Malawi for future disasters, as well as supporting a disaster risk reduction approach for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain in collaboration with the Lloyd’s market.

Many thanks to our trustees and the Lloyd’s market for all the support to Lloyd’s Charities Trust and our partners.