Lloyd's Claims team is designed to work in partnership with the Lloyd's market to enhance our customers' experience. Drawing on traditional Lloyd's strengths of innovation, expertise and communication, this partnership is equipped to reach new levels of claims performance.

Role of the Claims Team

The Claims Team at Lloyd’s covers two key roles:

  • Claims Performance Management – To identify and address present and emerging material claims performance risks, assist in delivering Lloyd’s Claims Strategy and provide market leadership in claims performance.
  • Claims Improvement – To identify and deliver impactful claims process and service improvements at a market level to support world class claims management with efficient central services and seamless processing that drive outstanding claims performance in terms of customer outcomes, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Single claims agreement party

The Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP) is an initiative delivered by the London Market to make it easier to settle lower value (£250,000 or below), non-complex claims where there are multiple London agreement parties.

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Lloyd's Claims Scheme

To support the efficient handling of claims in a subscription market, Lloyd’s operates a Claims Scheme which sets out principles and arrangements for the determination of every claim made on policies underwritten by two or more syndicates (with some limited exceptions).

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Volume Claims Service

The Volume Claims Service (VCS) is designed to handle high volume, low value claims which make up around 85 per cent of total claims in the Lloyd’s market.

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Claims Reporting Suite

The Claims Reporting Suite (CRS) is a dashboard view available to managing agents and Lloyd’s via web browser of their claims data, with the ability to drill down to underlying data.

The purpose of the Claims Reporting Suite is to provide transparent and standard view of claims performance against an agreed market set of Key Performance Indicators.

Download an explanation of the ten Key Performance Indicators