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Leadership Programme

The Lloyd’s Leadership Programme, run by Henley Business School, is aimed at leaders from managing agents, brokers, the Lloyd’s Market Association and the Corporation of Lloyd’s moving into or towards a substantial leadership role.

Module 1 - examines the nature of leadership in the 21st century. Using the Primary Colours Framework participants explore their own leadership strengths and limitations, and learn to understand the power of collective leadership and complimentary difference that builds thriving and adaptable organisations.

Module 2 - Delivered in partnership with Moving Performance, module 2 enables participants to experience world-class performance and practice leadership gaining detailed feedback leading to deep personal insight. This highly experiential module will provide the opportunity to work with world class musicians to explore the metaphors of what underpins truly high-performing teams.

Module 3 - participants are exposed to the mind set of innovators and learn how to lead for creativity and innovation, and how, as leaders, we create the conditions for innovation to thrive in our organisations.

£4750 +VAT

Programme Launch - Tuesday 12th January 2021
Meeting your faculty team
Exploring programme aims and objectives
Preparation for Module 1 and explanation of pre-work

Module 1: 21st Century Leadership 
(Sessions 1&2 - 1st February, Sessions 3&4 - 2nd February, Session 5 – 4th February)

Session 1:
Introduction to the Primary Colours Approach to Leadership 
What is your home ‘domain’: Strategic; Operational; Interpersonal
What are the key issues that should be discussed in your organisation but aren’t?

Session 2: 
Exploring personality in leadership 
Unpacking group preferences from your NEO personality profiles
Sharing feelings and implications from your individual personality reports

Session 3: 
Exploring the competencies of Exceptional Leadership 
The fatal flaws of leadership 
Exploring your core values and your strengths and limitations as a leader

Session 4: 
Exploring the dynamics of effective influence
Trust and developing trusting relationships
Flexing your influencing style to the situation

Session 5:
Key drivers and combatting unhelpful behaviours
Exploring the characteristics of high performing teams
Team dysfunctions: where are the areas of greatest dysfunction in your team
Action planning
Preparation for module 2

Module 2: Developing High Performance 

(Sessions 1, 2&3 – 17th March, Sessions 4, 5&6 – 18th March, Session 7 - 19th March, session 8 – 19th March, Session 9 – 22nd March, Sessions 10&11 – 25th March, Session 12 – 26th March)

Session 1:
Overview of Module 2
Revisiting the key characteristics of a high performing team
Preparing for the Know the Score® experience

Session 2:
Know the Score® experience
Exploring world class performance 
What does it mean for us as leaders to lead high-performing individuals?

Session 3: 
Debriefing learning from Know the Score®
Plenary group discussions

Session 4:
Fishbowl reflections of the learning from the 17th of March sessions

Session 5:
Exploring the mindsets of exceptional performance 
Exploring the mindsets of leadership of exceptional teams

Session 6: 

Know the Score® debrief 2

Session 7:
Exploring your vision for your teams
Creating a compelling vision for your teams

Session 8:
Sharing your leadership vision Group 1

Session 9:
Sharing your leadership vision Group 2

Session 10:
Reflections on previous learning 
Understanding VUCA 
Leadership in the VUCA world

Session 11:

Compose to Lead® - experiential exercise to learn to lead through ambiguity

Session 12:

Module reflections
Commitments and close

Module 3: Leading the Future of Lloyds 
(Session 1 - 5th May, Session 2 - 19th May, Session 3 - TBA 31st May - 3rd June, Session 4 - 16th June, Session 5 - 30th June, Session 6 - 14th July)

Session 1:

Revisiting the Primary Colours model: future-thinking leadership
Exploring the 3 domains of Primary Colours through the lenses of the future and the role of leadership over time
Connecting your NEO profiles to the science of innovation

Session 2:
Conversations with Innovators 1: Christopher Castagnera 
Participants will be able to ask questions of the innovators and find out:
o how they create a culture and experience of innovation in their own worlds
o the impact that this has

Session 3:
Innovation at Lloyd’s of London with Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation, Lloyd’s Lab
Introducing the Lloyd’s Lab and investigating the activities and the politics around the Lloyd’s Lab
Discussion and questions

Session 4:
The ‘What if…’ challenge
Creative thinking tools to re-think and innovate around the Lloyd’s environment
Creating new options for how Lloyd’s might innovate

Session 5:
‘Virtual Reality’ exercise
Seeing the world through the eyes of very different individuals, and imagine what/how they would experience Lloyd’s

Session 6:
Reviewing the module learnings and learnings from the programme as a whole,
Explore the implications for individuals and for the organisation.

Step 1: Discuss with your line manager, HR Department and/or Organisation to register your interest in attending the programme - and confirm your eligibility with them.

Step 2: Download and complete the application form. Applications and will close on 07/12/20. Send the completed form to (your line manager or sponsor is required to complete section 3 of the application form prior to sending)

Advise your department head verbally of your intention to apply if they are not your line manager. You will be asked to provide details of your sponsor who should be a member of the Executive Team (or equivalent in a market organisation).

Step 3: Henley Business School will review the applications; all candidates will be advised of the outcome by 11/12/2020. Those applicants that wish to receive feedback about their application will have the opportunity of a call with a member of the programme team at Henley Business School.


Please direct any questions to:

Adam Triggs or Anabel Johnson
Leadership Development


This programme gives you time to reflect and network with other participants from across the market. Each module has a different feel to appeal to a broad range of styles and interests. This video provides an overview of the experience.

Henley Business School

The Lloyd's Leadership Programme is run in conjunction with Henley Business School. To find out more, visit the Henley Website.