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Information for policyholders

The Corporation of Lloyd’s is the service provider to and regulator of a market of independent insurers, called underwriting syndicates.

Business comes to the underwriting syndicates that operate in the Lloyd’s market in London through retail and wholesale insurance intermediaries in the US. Underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s insure risk on their own account, keep their own records, and make their own arrangements for handling claims locally.

For that reason we are not able to answer questions about individual policies.

If you're interested in obtaining insurance at Lloyd’s, you should contact an independent agent or broker. 

More about Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace

Through the collective intelligence and risk-sharing expertise of the market’s underwriters and brokers, Lloyd’s helps to create a braver world.  

The Lloyd’s market provides the leadership and insight to anticipate and understand risk, and the knowledge to develop relevant, new and innovative forms of insurance for customers globally. 

And it promises a trusted, enduring partnership built on the confidence that Lloyd’s protects what matters most: helping people, businesses and communities to recover in times of need.

Claims procedure

The underwriting syndicates that insure risk in the Lloyd’s market in London make their own arrangements to handle claims locally. There is no central policy or claims database at Lloyd’s.

In the event of a claim, policyholders should always follow the instructions set out in the insurance policy. The proper parties to be notified should be specified in the policy and they should be notified in accordance with the claims procedure of that policy.

Communication about the claim should take place between the insured and their agent, broker, or the entity that sold the insurance to the insured. It is their responsibility to communicate with the underwriters at Lloyd’s with whom they placed the insurance.

Lloyd’s claims department in London performs a regulatory function. It does not administer individual claims.

Verification of cover inquiries and reports of suspicious activities

In the first instance, you should always contact the firm or individual that sold you the insurance to get information about your policy (or make changes to it). The producer as your agent should be able to secure validation for you from the US broker or Lloyd’s coverholder through whom they sourced cover. 

Where the producer is uncooperative or unavailable you should file a complaint against them with your local state insurance department. 

Only when such avenues are exhausted should you direct your enquiry to us. 

Note that Lloyd’s will not generally assist third parties or their lawyers seeking to identify coverage. Their recourse is to any alleged policyholder via the notice agent in any policy held and/or the producing insurance agent or broker.

If you wish to report suspicious activity appertaining to an insurance policy at Lloyd’s, please contact us with a summary of the issue..

Other inquiries

Lloyd’s is not an agent for claims notifications on behalf of underwriters and has no dedicated email address, fax, or telephone number for that purpose. 

Lloyd's should be approached only where normal lines of communication may have broken down. It is possible that Lloyd’s may not be able to identify the underwriters or otherwise be of assistance. We will attempt to assist inquirers, but in doing so, Lloyd’s does not accept any legal responsibility.

Lloyd’s – the legal entity that oversees the businesses operating in the Lloyd’s market – is not the appropriate party for Service of Suit or Tenders of Defense and Indemnity. Such items have to be served on underwriters and/or their nominated agents.

Notification to Lloyd’s is not a substitute for notifying claims in accordance with the terms of the policy or in accordance with legal requirements.

Making a complaint

You may make a complaint with regard to an insurance policy issued by underwriters in the Lloyd’s market by emailing us at 

In order for us to provide assistance, in addition to a description of the issue you are experiencing, you will need to include the following information:

  • Policyholder name
  • Policyholder address
  • US agent or broker name
  • US agent or broker contact information if available
  • Type of policy
  • Dates of policy
  • Copy of any insurance documentation you have with regard to the policy

Service of Suit

Suits arising from policies written by Lloyd’s underwriters may be served upon our New York office.