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Welcome to Inclusion@Lloyd’s

Inclusion@Lloyd’s is a governing body comprised of a group of senior executives representing the companies and membership organisations within Lloyd’s and the wider insurance market.

This site provides information, resources and inspiration to help promote best practice and successful engagement on diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector.

Whether you are a senior leader looking for inspiration to effect change faster, starting out in insurance or even a manager looking for tools to implement at work, or currently outside of insurance seeking opportunities to collaborate, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Application to become an I@L Partner Network

The purpose of Inclusion@Lloyd’s (“I@L”) partner network initiative to is to support existing networks that are tied to a specific D&I need; the aim being to have one partner network for each key strand – trying to encourage a lack of multiplication of networks and to support the development of networks where none exist.

    • It helps:
      • Engage a large supporter base that is aligned to I@L’s objectives – driving engagement with more people in the London Market and possibly internationally around D&I.
      • Raise awareness of the I@L and Partner Networks with a broader and diverse base of insurance professionals.
      • Partner Networks can help create and share best practice around particular areas of D&I in-line with I@L’s focus (e.g. data and measurement, senior allies).
      • The insights and expertise of Partner Networks will help I@L develop strategies to increase the rate of positive D&I change in the market.
      • Encourages Partner Networks to work together to focus on wider D&I and out of ‘silos’ to create better engagement and understanding across D&I strands.
      • Encourages coordination of activities between Partner Networks to avoid too much activity at one time / on the same topics / same sponsors – particularly given budgetary pressures facing the London Market.

For more information and to apply to be an I@L partner network download the  Partner Network Initiative PDF.

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